I am Bettina McGriggler, the Franchise Owner of SYNERGY HomeCare of Greater San Antonio. I opened the agency in September of 2013. After 28 years in a variety of corporate positions in financial services, commercial printing and eCommerce, it was time for a change.

The answer to my calling had to be a “head-heart match,” a stable business opportunity with growth potential that also spoke to my heart by providing a valued community service. My grandparents and parents were community servants who volunteered in the church and with a variety of non-profit and civic-oriented organizations. That is the legacy I want to continue. SYNERGY HomeCare has made it possible for me to continue that tradition.

Since the agency opened in 2013, we have continued to grow and establish a solid reputation in Greater San Antonio for quality home care. Our caretakers and office staff are professional, experienced and deliver the highest quality of care. Our team is second to none and everyone plays a critical role in the success of our agency. I am also a family caretaker so I know first-hand how difficult the job can be for the caretaker and the family member who seeks to find caring support with a trusted provider. There is nothing more personal than opening your home to a perfect stranger and entrusting the care of your loved one to a non-family member. We take that trust seriously and know the job involves the entire agency team… doing our best work, in every home, every day.

We are introducing Hubbux as a way to thank all of our employees for their contributions to our success. We can't be in every home with you, but you represent the agency well and we just wanted to say...We See You and We Thank You!