My name is Anita Atwood. I am the Office Manager/Alternate Administrator for SYNERGY HomeCare of Greater San Antonio. I joined the agency when it opened in 2013 as the first employee and helped the owner obtain our state license, recruit our Care Team and clients, set up operations and prepare our facility for the grand opening.

I have worked in office management and staffing for 14 years, with 8 of those years in the private duty home care industry. My expertise includes team building, recruiting, staffing, operations, client management, employee retention, sales and marketing, employee training, community outreach and regulatory compliance.

Why did I choose a career in home care? I am passionate about helping the senior population develop trusted relationships with skilled caretakers enabling them to remain independent in their own home. Since we opened in 2013, SYNERGY HomeCare of Greater San Antonio has focused on building a stellar Care Team. Our Caregivers and CNAs are among the best in the industry and work diligently to take care of our valued clients. The office staff has a wealth of experience in providing the daily operational support and continuing education needed by our employees and clients.

I enjoy watching new employees start their jobs and continue to grow professionally and personally as they assist us in building and expanding our agency. Thanks to their efforts and the support of a top-tier office staff, we were awarded the Provider of Choice Award in 2017, 2018 and 2020, and the Employer of Choice Award in 2019 by Home Care Pulse.

Our future looks bright and I am looking forward to the continued success of our agency and employees as we work together to deliver the best home care in Greater San Antonio.